Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home, Magnolia Mountain, and Veronica

"From Nashville to Kentucky, my heart it draws the line/ Somewhere someone thinks of me/ I just wish it was somewhere I could find" = Nashville to Kentucky by My Morning Jacket

I went back to Murray, KY for the first time since I've been back from France to primarily visit my Grandmother (in photo below), but also to see college buds, visit my French professor, etc.
Both of my parents are from Murray; they met in 7th grade and were high school sweethearts.
My whole life, I visited the small town for family stuff. Then, I decided to move away from the big city and return to my roots for college at MSU-- GO RACERS! There, I fell in love with Kentucky in general.

One thing I do love about Murray are the huge, beautiful Magnolia trees. "I want to go to Magnolia Mountain/And lay my weary head down/ Down on the rocks/ On the mountain my savior made/Steady my soul and ease my worry" = Magnolia Mountain by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
So, naturally, I decided to have a little photo shoot INSIDE of a Magnolia's foliage. But, first, meet my Longchamp bag that I bought in France the day before I returned:

Next, meet "VERONICA."  This is the name that my co-workers gave me years ago for my straight-haired "alter-ego." Supposedly, Veronica brings a different attitude with her than "Sarah" does.
Kentucky woman
She shines with her own kind of light
She looks at you once
And a day that's all wrong looks all right
And I love her
God knows I love her

Kentucky woman
If she get to know you
She goin to own you
Kentucky woman
Well, she aint the kind
Make heads turn at the drop of her name
But something inside
That she's got turns you on just the same
And I love her
God knows I love her
"Kentucky Woman" by Neil Diamond
(outfit details: bag=Longchamp; skirt=Vero Moda; shoes=Andre; shirt= Urban Outfitters; scarf= Grandmother's KY Derby vintage scarf).
So, I am now back in Nashville; and I had to say goodbye to Kentucky, the Magnolias, and Veronica. The humidity made her disappear pretty damn quickly.

If you haven't been to Kentucky, listen to The Kinks' "Kentucky Moon" song off of the Muswell Hillbillies album:
Living is fantasy, traveling mentally
Making up tunes in hotel rooms
bout places Ive never been to
Though Ive never crooned under a Kentucky moon
I had my dream, Kentucky moon
But its only moon dreams
From songs, films and TV

But I can visualize what Ive never seen
But I had my dream, Kentucky moon


  1. wow the guy in the first image is sooooo damn tall. i like your friends lipstick shade

  2. I haven't been to Kentucky since I was really little but magnolia's are my favorite. We actually have magnolia trees here in LA (who knows how they got here ;) I've been wanting a magnolia blossom for a few weeks now but they're always up too high!

    PS: Magnolia Mountain is a really lovely song. oh, ryan.

  3. sooo pretty! That's awesome you live in Nashville! We'll have to meetup when I get there :o)

  4. oh, love your alter ego look! So gorgeous, especially on that second to last picture.

  5. i love the second last pic and the shoes. the first two pics are cute

  6. Hello gorgeous! now I know you got your beauty from!



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