Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eddie Borgo, Sharks and Beetle Juice

This ring is added to my "Wislisht" by Eddie Borgo. It's called "Bear Trap" and it retails at $225.
 I like it because it reminds me of a shark's mouth more than a bear trap. Photo found on Fashion Poetic.
I discovered Eddie Borgo by watching a video on The Urban Outfitter's blog where he discussed his  inspiration for his new collection. He was inspired by Tim Burton and Beetle Juice, therefore, I was automatically wooed. You see, I saw that movie an unmentionable amount of times as a child, as all children do with there favorite films. This scene got me every time.

Here are some other great pieces from his Spring 2010 collection:

                           If you are a geek like me and wanna watch the video of Eddie Borgo, click here.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Thank you for the compliment :).

  3. hehehehe those first rings are so cute!!

    xx come visit!

  4. sooo nice...luv the rings...and luv Beetlejuice!! one of my all time favourites!!

  5. These pictures are so fun! Love your blog!

  6. cool jewelry! the necklaces are killer...hahaha. beetlejuice is the best!

  7. Excellent!

    And even more excellent is that we live in the same city. I love meeting Nashville area bloggers. With that said, a couple of other girls and I are in the process of organizing a Nashville area bloggers meet-up. If you'd be interested, please shoot me an email!


  8. wow love this post so much! just like everyother! LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCHHHH! such an inspiration! Am bookmarking you right now! Hope you can stop by mine sometime!


  9. so cool! also reminds me of that monster book from harry potter hahah

  10. Beetlejuice is totally one of my fave movies of all time! That screenshot makes me want to watch it. Eddie Borgo designs the most amazing jewelry. Would love to have that bear trap ring in the rose gold color!

  11. The bear trap rings are awesome, too bad they aren't cheaper! They remind of the way I drew monster teeth when I was a kid!

  12. Those rings are amazing.
    Thanks for the comment x



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