Friday, June 3, 2011

Outfit Post: Murray, KY

Location: Murray, KY

These Urban Outfitters shorts/romper/overalls are supposed to be worn with the suspenders (see below), but for most of the day, I just let the straps hang like you see in the pictures above. The suspenders are connected by little buttons, so they are also removable. However, I think I like them better suspended.

Outift Details:
1) Snakeskin Vintage Sunglasses: Clothing Exchange of Nashville, TN (Hillsboro Village)
2) Annie Get Your Gun Earrings: Thrifted from Trends and Treasures (Murray, KY)
3) Red Button-Up Vintage Blouse: Revival Vintage Wear
4) Vintage Leather Belt: My Momma
5) Blue Silk Shorts Romper: Urban Outfitters
6) Ankle Leather Cowboy boots: Andre (France)

Photos courtesy of Kelsey Louise (above on the left) from Revival Boutique and Revival Vintage Wear

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  1. you honestly look really wicked in this post, the shorts thing is pretty snazzy. like the last shot of you two too


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