Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kodachrome Thursday: Summer PASSPORTiche

 Elsa Billgren
Sincerely Hana (above and below)
It's officially summer and I watched Grease last night.


  1. These photos are so pretty, i really like the one with the straw boater and open window :D

  2. First off I love these summer photos. I wish that Bay area summers were as warm and summer like, but usually it's just cold : ) I'm glad I found your blog!Peut-être je pourrais même pratiquer mon français. It 's terrible now. I studied English And Comparative lit. So I learned Spanish and French, but I am much more fluent in Spanish since I use it at work everyday! I will be studying for an MBA in international business. As, like yourself I love to travel. I really look forward to reading more in your blog. All the best, Suzz.

  3. My internet connection's being a butt & won't load these photos so I'll have to stop by again later.

    Anyway, I'll be in Nashville for a couple of days, the 21-24 of July I think (not positive on the return) The 21st is absolutely free of plans though & if you are at all free I would LOVE to just grab coffee or do a lil thriftin' or something! Let me know.


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