Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Outfit Post: The Backyard

 In the backyard. With my camera. No photographer. The 3 shot setting. The direction changes. A chair appears. My dog interrupts some photos. I'm distracted by the neighbors. The sun peeps out, the sun disappears. And like the sun, my Louis comes and goes in the images. These are the results of no tripod/no extra human at home. Blogger's with boyfriends, you don't know how good you've got it for outfit posts! But truth-be-told, this whatever method is pretty a la Passport Smiles. I ain't nothin' fancy here.


So, with this outfit, I am introducing for the first time, my ZARA TRI-COLOR, leather Heels. I fell in love with these while living in France around March. I waited and waited, and I finally bought them before leaving Europe. Since then, I've only worn them twice, because I think they are too pretty to be ruined (I'm very hard on shoes and cannot walk very well in heels). This isn't a very great picture of them, but don't worry, you'll see them again in better lighting in some future outfit posts:

Outfit Details:
1) Braided Straw Fedora: Street vendor in Paris
2) White Tank: Forever 21 from 5 years ago
3) Black Sports Bra: The "Ta Ta Tamer" (I'm not joking) from Lulu Lemon
4) Deep Blue Maxi Skirt: Vintage from Goodwill
5) Louis Vuitton: Speedy 30
6) THE BEST TRI-COLOR Leather HEELS in the world: Zara  

 Accessory Details:
1) Beaded Blue and Silver Necklace: Pangaea in Nashville, TN
2) Black and White Striped Stretch belt: Vintage from Goodwill
3/4) Silver cuffs: Vintage from my momma


  1. Those cuffs are super badass. As are the skirt and heels. I am a blogger with a boyfriend but he is a photographer in training still, as you know. We must have both been feeling bloggy tonight.

  2. That's a great shade of blue. And "ta ta tamer"!! Brilliant. The bra showing thing is somehow not tacky here, I think it's the non-frilly bra.

  3. you are such a babe. and the photos turned out great even with the lack of a tripod or boyfriend. :)


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