Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kodachrome Thursday: Christopher Boffoli

Seattle's Christopher Boffoli spent three years meticulously creating these scenes from "the daily grind of life" using only tiny plastic figurines and supplies from the grocery store (Mail Online). Entitled "Disparity," the series sure brings a new light to the phrase "it's a small world after all" and reminds us that art can be found in the mundane. Either that or it horrifyingly brings people's food phobias to life, justifying their fears that, indeed, those tiny organisms they've imagined are not just setting up camp in their food but also having quite a big 'ole time doing it.

As Boffoli puts it, "I have always been interested in size disparity and a juxtaposition of scales between people and things ever since I owned a tiny model train world as a kid."
Found via Fubiz


  1. I enjoyed your new blog.

  2. oh, also - this may be a bit cheeky but I've just been accepted as a teaching assistant in Germany for six months and, well, I'm freaking out. I know you've done it before and I know you loved it so I was hoping you could maybe tell me about your experience/the practicalities etc? I don't want to spam your blog so if you're OK with this let me know how I can message you my email. If not dw, I'm sure you're very busy and have far more important things to do :) xx

  3. I never get tired of these little plastic people! Hadn't seen these particular shots before! so fun.


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