Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's no secret: I'm obsessed with American comedic pop culture. Example: My love for Wet Hot American Summer and the fact that I've made most of my good friends watch it when they came over to my house. Well, guess what? It's been ten years since the release of WHAM (note: Just realized the acronym is WHAM, and I would believe that David Wain did that on purpose). Well, last month, an exhibit @ Venice's Gallery 1988 called "Camp Firewood" displayed 65 works of art inspired by the film. Here are a few pics of the artwork and/ or the event:

Aaron Jasinski

Adam Limbert

Andy Suriano

Casey Weldon

Justin Santora

Justin White

Rich Pellegrino

"This Way To Camp Firewood, That Way To Town" by Ben Walker.
"Mixed Vegetables" by Danielle Buerli.

"Wake Up" by Ben Chlapek.

Director David Wain photographs some of the artwork.

 Director David Wain and his wife

"You're Smothering Me" by Evanimal
"A Clean Pair of Pants" by Jenna Puente
"Coop" by Bruce White
Actors Joe Lo Truglio and Ken Marino.
"Wet Hot American Gothic" by Mike Maas
"Chicken Laser" by Brandon Sopinsky

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