Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WAH-WAH-Wednesday: Patriotism

So, this can sorta be seen as a Patriotic outfit. We've got the red, the white and the blues.
Again, back to my "I NEED A KAMERA" post, I had to experiment with the lighting and setting, because my camera is not the best.

And now close-ups of one of my favorite treasures. A shop in Murray, KY custom made these types of wooden-purses. This was my grandmother's purse.
 It has my Mom and Aunt's name on it:
 So cute!
 Happy belated 4th.
Outfit Details:
1) Straw Fedora Hat: Street Vendor in Paris
2) Multi-Colored Equestrian Scarf: DIY--I cut the bottom of a vintage skirt and made that a scarf.
3) Floral Summer Dress: The Limited circa 1997--it was my big sister's
4) Red, White and Blue belt: Vintage Chez my momma
5) Various Bangles: Vintage from my fam or from thrift stores
6) Emerald and Gold Ring: My great-grandmother 
7) Picnic Wooden Purse: Vintage Chez Grandmama
8) Cowboy Boots: Andre (France)
9) Polka Dot socks: H&M


  1. We have the exact same purse, of course with our family's name and address on it. It's buried in a trunk at the lake somewhere.

  2. I have almost the exact same dress in black (yay late 90's!) and I love how you used the red white and blue in shades that aren't "conventionally" seen for 4th of July- Also, your grandmother's picnic basket/handbag made me turns lightly green with's so whimsical!

  3. love love love the dress. so simple and cute! x

  4. you look great! I adore that dress.


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