Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vicariously Shopping Saturday: Irregular Choice

These shoes by Irregular Choice are scrumptiously gaudy and borderline (if not already past the border, passport stamped and all) tacky. But tacky in the most splendid of ways, of course.
 If Dolly Parton and Marie Antoinette could be combined into one human being, why, I'd believe Dolly Antoinette would buy these shoes! I sure know I would like to have 'em on my feet one day.


  1. Oh my goodness! First, I love anything that brings to mind Dolly, and second, what a genius idea of combining her with Miss Antoinette. It's also quite cosmic that you included Dolly because on your last outfit post I wanted to comment with a link to a vintage Dolly but blogger was acting all wacky. With my highest and sincerest respect to you and the queen of country both, I really thought your last outfit and those pictures were 1950s/60s Dolly perfection.

  2. haha you are SO right- Dolly Antoinette all the way. I think those shoes are quite incredible.


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