Saturday, July 9, 2011

Le Dimanche au Musée: The Cheaper Show

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Upon discovering The Cheaper Show  via BOOOOOOOM, I'm pretty sure that I squealed with happiness. Why? Well, firstly, the concept behind it all is genius. Here's the rundown: Now in it's 10th year, The Cheaper Show takes place in Vancouver every year with 200 ARTISTS, 400 PIECES, $200 EACH.

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Secondly, it's a huge success! This year's show on June 25th had folks lining up at 3am even though the doors didn't open til 4pm. What's even better is that practically all these attendees were young buyers--young people who probably don't have too much left over after rent and bills are due. Yet, once a year when the show comes around and they do have extra cash, they want to spend it on ORIGINAL ART instead of spending it on clothes (like me) or blowing it on, well, blow (see below):

So, all these young people value and support art and take advantage of this opportunity to buy incredible pieces at affordable prices. To be honest, I never even thought that starting an art collection at my age was feasible.

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Now think about the artist's side and the supportive community that has developed around the show. Plus let's just reflect on how amazing is it that the artists are willing to sell their work for only $200....making "really good, quality art accessible without cheapening the art conversation."

So, all this to say, I'm fully in love with The Cheaper Show's concept and even more in love with the results. Watch the video to see the frenzy that occurred this year:

P.S.--Those folks that did buy art were encouraged to write notes to the artists. Further demonstrating the community around this show. Here is an example of one of those thank yous: (photo  below via)

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These photos below are from the after party. See more here.

To understand more about the show and its history, please watch this video:


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