Friday, March 5, 2010

Would you like a spot of tea?

To wipe the slumber out of my eyes, I got my day started by drinking my hot tea (as always) and listening to late 70s/ early 80s power ballads. I'm talkin' "Sister Christian" by Night Crawler, "Juke Box Hero" by Foreigner and "Jane" by Jefferson Starship. As much fun as it was singing "THAT ONE GUITAR!!" in the shower today, I owe any existing pep I have in the mornings to hot black tea + wild, dark honey + lemon in my cute cup.
So this blog is dedicated to the ones I love: Tea and honey.

But you can't forget the honey!! The honey must be the right kind too....Wildflower or Wald honig or miel de forêt--preferably local.

The Secret Life of Bees expresses what my father has always told me about honey:

"We lived for honey. We swallowed a spoonful in the morning to wake us up and one at night to put us to sleep. We took it with every meal to calm the mind, give us stamina and prevent us from fatal disease. We swabbed ourselves in it to disinfect cuts or heal chapped lips...Nothing was safe from honey...August said honey was the ambrosia of the gods and the shampoo of the goddesses."

     I even found necklaces to match my obsession from a shop in London:

Now the whole Alice in Wonderland route because I was in Paris and Printemps dedicated their window displays to the new Tim Burton movie.

All the following were at Printemps:
 Window Display:
This is not on the topic of tea, but I saw these Vivienne Westwood shoes at Printemps and could only take one because it's forbidden. WTF? So here is an illegal pic of the VW collection:
Okay...back to tea:

For those of you who like milk with your tea

All I know is, I wouldn't survive without it.


  1. Wow. LOVE those tea cup necklaces!!!! I'm a tea fiend myself - about 6 cups a day normally. If you ever come back to Nashville, Franklin Tea shop is sooo good. :)

  2. though I use coffee to wake me up in the mornings I do love my tea! And apparently, so do you! I need to get a hold of some wildflower honey.

  3. oh this is fabulous! a whole post dedicated to tea (ie. my drug, no big deal). hurrah!

  4. I worked in a shop once where we sold 20 different kinds of tea...and unpacking the kettles and setting up the displays was the best part. Tea=love.

  5. omg I love this post! I especially like the McQueen inspired tea party!


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