Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Farewell to Nashville Part I: Bobby's Dairy Dip

Explanation: I'm (God willing) moving to France next week. In a farewell to Nashville, I am going to local places that I've never been that are also adored by Nashvillians. Yesterday, I hit up Bobby's Dairy Dip on Charlotte Avenue after some thrift shopping with a long-time bud, Jordan (standing in-line above). As you can tell by the name, Bobby's Dairy Dip is known for their soft-serve ice cream and yummy milkshakes.

And now the outfit shots...

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrift (Southern Thrift, Charlotte Ave)- $5
Butterfly Belt: Thrift; $3
Knitted Beret: Camaieu 
Leather Boots: Andre


  1. this outfits so cute! i love how you have curves! Makes me feel better about myself.. ;) (especially in this world of thin bloggers)

  2. I'm pretty new to the Nashville area. So it is awesome to see some cool stuff to do in the city. I'll have to check this place out. Since the boy and I really do love our ice cream.

  3. You both look really cute! I love your dress & your friend's socks are so sweet. I've always wanted to go to Nashville. :/

  4. so this is the famous bobbie's dairy dip. looks great. and yes, i also love your friends socks.

  5. I used to live within walking distance from Bobbie's Dairy Dip. I think I survived on rootbeer floats and black bean burgers that Summer!


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