Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday the 15th, Y'all

 At my Alma Mater, Murray State University, Kelsey and I decided to take pictures Friday afternoon.

Then we went back to her store, Revival Boutique, where I had bought this lovely cardigan.

Kelsey then pointed out to me that my scarf was Gucci. "WHAT!?!?!?''

We also bought this SONGS OF NORWAY t-shirt at a local thrift store the day before and thought it would look cute cut off. Here's the final product:

We took the left-overs of the T-shirt for a scarf:

We experimented with ways to wear the newly furbished T-shirt:
Ummm...No thanks!
I like it better without:

And now it's Sunday and I'm still in Murray, KY.


  1. love your outfit with the Gucci scarf! did you learn to tie it so nonchalantly like that in France? ;-) it's actually quite a beautiful scarf, nice colors.

  2. great photos! and is it just me or is that grey lace skirt from target right? i keep seeing it everywhere! want it myself but i never go into a target (nor do i know where the closest one is!) yeah it looks better without the belt! you look really pretty in these pics and your hair looks nice!

  3. I love both of your scarves, and your crop tee is so cute! :D


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