Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Le Noir A-Z

Julian Hibbard, an English photographer, makes an, ahem, adult alteration to the "A is for apple" alphabetical book. Here is a description from his website:
"Replacing whimsical sketches of kids in letter shape with provocative pairings of word and image, Hibbard has concocted a dark and voyeuristic vision. An element of risqué and danger consumes each letter, tying the images into a loose narrative. The images are sexy. They are also just complex enough to pull emotional strings through an easily read composition" Nick Schonberger - Wallpaper.com
For example,



and SMILES= 

While we are on the topic of the alphabet, check out (if you haven't already) Dalton Ghetti's pencil sculptures:

Which then makes Passport Smiles look like=

(For more Julian Hibbard {via Urban Outfitters blog}, check out his portfolios on his site.)

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