Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspiration Nation: Chuck from "Pushing Daisies"

Here's to Pushing Daisies, a delicious show (in all the senses) that made every conceivable stylistic dream of mine come true on screen. One of those many genius, artistic aspects is Chuck, played by Anna Friel. Chuck's wardrobe makes my mouth water (that sounds weird,doesn't it?). 
Take two= Chuck's wardrobe fills me with happiness.


In addition to the cornucopia of eye-candy, Pushing Daises is just a delight to watch. Not so long ago in a land not so far away, yours truly here remembers skipping college classes on a rainy day, only to curl up and watch the most delightful show ever.

OH yeah, besides Chuck's wardrobe making my mouth water, did I mention all of the beautiful pies (and the pie maker)? It makes me really wanna go to a diner to eat homemade pie. Apple pie, at that.


  1. Great. Now you've given me another TV show that I have to watch for hours on end. P: I really have been wanting to see this though, & these photos make me wanna watch it even more!

  2. Don't we all want to be Chuck? Seriously! That vintage wardrobe, the 1970's cuts and 60's mod...and the pie. Oh, the pie.

    Thanks for this post!

  3. These outfits are too adorable! The perfect early to mid 60s style.

  4. i love all the outfits, too! and the interior designs.


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