Monday, March 22, 2010

20 Favorite Arrested Development Episodes

Months ago, my little sister tickled me pink by requesting my top 20 favorite Arrested Development episodes. I couldn't have been happier if she had asked me for real life advice. Full of motivation, I immediately jumped on the project by re-watching each season, believing I could spit out a list within two days of her request. Yet, indecision stopped me in my tracks, as I realized choosing my favorite AD episodes was like choosing between your 53 children. I would chose and then erase, always unsure of my decision. I kept postponing the list of the top 20 until now. Without further ado, here you are lil' sis, dedicated to you, the top 20 AD episodes: 
(Episodes are not ranked by priority, only are listed in sequential order of seasons; however, the ones in bold are extra special in my heart)
  1. "In God We Trust"-Season 1--Episode 7
  2. "Storming the Castle"-Season 1, Episode 9
  3. "Pier Pressure"- Season 1, Episode 10
  4. "Shock and Aww"- Season 1, Episode 14**
  5. "Justice is Blind"-Season 1, Episode 17
  6. "Best Man for the Gob"-- Season 1, Episode 19
  7. "Let Them Eat Cake"--Season 1, Episode 22
  8. "The One Where They Build a House"- Season 2, Episode 2 
  9. "!Amigos!"- Season 2, Episode 3
  10. "Afternoon Delight" Season 2, Episode 6
  11. "Switch Hitter" Season 2, Episode 7
  12. "Read, Aim, Marry Me!"- Season 2, Episode 10
  13. "The Immaculate Election"  Season 2, Episode 14
  14. "Sword of Destiny" Season 2, Episode 15
  15. "Meat the Veals" Season 2, Episode 16
  16. "Spring Breakout" Season 2, Episode 17
  17. "The Cabin Show" Season 3, Episode 1
  18. "Notapusy" Season 3, Episode 4 
  19. "Mr F" Season 3, Episode 5 
  20. "Fakin' It", "Family Ties", "Exit Strategy", "Development Arrested" (Season 2, Episodes 10-13)*
* You might think I am cheating on the last one by counting 4 episodes as one, however, I am not. They were all aired at once and run together, as it was the last night of Arrested Development, after being cut short again and again by Fox. It is also necessary to see them back to back to get the full effect.

Phew, now your turn, what are you favorite Arrested Development episodes?

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  1. "Good Grief" Series 2, episode 4. Mainly for Buster's army uniform.

    I love Arrested Development.


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