Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Everybody dance...NOW!"

You know what else I love (besides tea)? DANCING.

I lurv, lurv, lurv to dance, but it's a tricky love. My dancing shoes only love me in return at spontaneous times...sometimes when there is no dance floor at hand, so I use my kitchen floor instead:
Other times, both the opportunity and the disco ball are there, but the dancing shoes are elsewhere, and the result is not pretty: forced moves without any zest. Someone like Silas House describes in Clay's Quilt:
"He moved carefully and stiff, like a man 
stepping across rows in a garden."

But then there are those time, oh those glorious moments that I cherish so much, where the tension of months builds and builds, and opportunity meets timing and BAM!
"Geneva was a good dancer not only because of how well she moved but because of the cool, serious look on her face. She seemed completely absorbed in the music, unaware of her dancing partner or her surroundings. She shut her eyes or looked at the floor, holding her mouth in a firm, straight line with her top lip stuck out hard about the bottom one." Clay's Quilt by Silas House
All the OOMPFHH is there, and I have an explosive amount
of dancing (sometimes scaring those around me). Here are some of those times:

Gary and I, Winter 2007

Summer 2007- Me (directly below), then Celeste and Gary

(below) This is on my 23rd b-day dancing with the fabulous Whitney and Anthony in Murray, KY (lovely place). It was our Senior year of college. Love this pic of Whit.

Here is a song "I Start to Run" by White Denim. I've been listening to it for months now, and it always gets me pumped up and makes me wanna jump around. So good.

And here is another one that Christine showed me. Love it. Tommy Sparks "She's got me dancing" directed by Eric Wareheim (from Tim and Eric). So infectious. The title speaks for itself.

Here are some more photos to conclude:
She's feelin' it:

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  1. i love to dance too... i think its good for the soul!


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