Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"April Come She Will"

"…sentimental music has this great way of taking you back somewhere at the same time it takes you forward, so you feel nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time."
-High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

 I have two specific sentimental songs in mind when I think of this Nick Hornby quote above. The first song  is "April Come She Well" by Simon and Garfunkel (How Apropos as April 1st is tomorrow?). The song is so beautiful that  I don't know whether to cry or feel infinite joy. It was featured on The Graduate, my favorite film.
The next song "Feel Flows" by The Beach Boys floods me with the same emotions. Incidentally, I found  illustrations of the lyrics on Katie C. Turner's Flickr. The song makes you feel both sentimental about the past and hopeful for the future.

Although the memories of Mr. Belding on Saved By The Bell do make me feel both Nostalgic and Hopeful,  I doubt that his Karaoke Album will. I have not listened to it, but I assume that  it does not deserve to reside in a category alongside The Beach Boys and Simon and Garfunkel. Despite this discrepancy, I had to seize the opportunity to conclude with this gem of a find:


  1. love that first pictures. and feel flows is one of my fav songs too :)


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  2. oh my gosh, can I quickly say I LOVE your blog? Have only read a few posts but it's all so beautiful and inspirational. Guess work for today has gone out the window hehe. I adore the graduate too, it's one of my favourite films - and april come she will is an amazing song!! although my favourite (cliché I know) has to be sounds of silence. xxx

  3. lyllis shrewsberryApril 1, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    I love your blog, Sarah. You are amazing....so creative. I think you must have gotten that gene from me..haha for sure!!! Hugs, lyllis


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