Monday, March 22, 2010

Cat People

I'm definitely a dog person, but Christine Bootes has made me question my steadfast identity as one, because she introduced me to this Japanese cat blog. These cat pics are from the blog.

I, of course, haven't the slightest idea what its saying, and when I translate the Japanese on Google translator, it turns into one mad Japanese poem. Christine said she wanted to do a slam poetry night with the translations.

Par exemple,


I sleep with eyes open, not how much Magirawashi whoa Really.
Is there something you want to put the eye even when sleeping?
I have to worry about whether green in the eye.
My  100% dog person status might be shaken a little, but 
as long as I don't end up like a crazy cat lady...I think it'll be okay.

(Fashion photos by Miles Aldridge)


  1. hmm cats are not really mine! but the pictures are great! did you take them yourself???

  2. no matter how cute they are, i'm still allergic.


  3. Thanks for your sweet comment :) Also, I love pink hair and that cat in the box! Wonderful post xx

  4. I was definitely a dog person, for years, all the stuff, until I fell in love with Maine Coons... and now I'm about to turn to a wicked cat lady... scary.

    Thank you for your visit on my blog, I just discovered yours, and I love what I see !
    Love Miles Aldridge too

    See u soon !


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