Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paris and The Avett Brothers

(Photo directly above by Miles Aldridge)
Wed the 17th, I went to Paris to see The Avett Brothers in concert at Le Nouveau Casino with the lovely Christine. And boy did I hit the jackpot, Cha Ching Cha Ching! Paris and the concert (and Christine) were brilliant. To prove my happiness, here is a photo from the concert of me looking  
slap-silly-full of joie de vivre happy:
It was the best concert I have seen and the first where I was completely disappointed that it ended. Usually, I am ready to go, but I wanted them to play for another 2 hours. English surrounded Christine and me, as if all the Americans from the surrounding area flocked to this concert. It was weird to hear so much English and be able to understand the conversations going on around us. And the girls (including me) were swooning/pining over the lead singer (and banjo player/drummer/guitarist/painter who was wearing a flannel shirt and had the best North Carolina Southern accent? "Thanks Paris, y'all are so kiiiiiind")
Also, it was St. Patrick's Day and I didn't even know it, so we went to an Irish pub after the concert. Other than that, most of the time, Christine and I were found in the Marais. And the weather! So perfect. I have only known Paris in extremely hot or cold climates. This time I had perfection: sunny and cool enough to have a light jacket. I also found some great earrings at a Vintage shop called Mamz'Elle Swing in the Marais. I've been wanting cameo earrings forever, but they are always so expensive. These were only 10 euros. Then I bought the ladybug ones for 5:

I also purchased some delicious Copacabana tea from La Compagnie Anglaise des Thés:
Other highlights:
  • Le Chocolat Chaud Maison at Le Loir dans la Théière
  • shouting the word pétasse at a Tea Shop, and hence coining the term "tea shop talk" and, friends, that was not tea shop talk.
  • Randomly meeting up with Americans in the Tea Shop
  • Breakfast in America with Christine and two "strangers"
  • Jeff de Bruges candy: expensive but delicious!
In sum, Paris, you are swell. Just swell. I think I will keep you!
Photo by The Sartorialist. 


  1. wow sounds like a fab time !

    . . . and those photos of you with your earrings are beautiful (: !

  2. aah! I love the Avetts! And damn, still gotta get to Paris.

  3. thanks a lot!!!

    great music and paris??? can there be anything better....lucky you...

  4. I love cameos! Just today I spent like an hour on etsy searching for the perfect cameo brooch to pin under shirt collars, unfortunately it was fruitless. Sounds like a great concert, I have never heard the Avett Brothers before, I will have to check them out!

  5. So lovely pics! So lovely blog, darling!!

    (i loved the pic. by The Sartorialist... i reallly love this guy!

    HAave a great week

  6. The Avett Brothers are fantastic!! I love "Salina"


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