Friday, March 12, 2010

In the line of fire, Part I: Professional Photos.

Mitrailler: transitive verb
  1. to machine-gun;
  1. ~ qn de questions to fire questions at sb;

  1. (familiar) to take photo after photo of [somebody/something]

 Prepared to be machine-gunned (mitraillé) in the 1st and 3rd sense by a line of photos that have been hiding in my computer files for too long. Yes ladies and gents, this blog post is the no-man's-land of photo shots. Some you have seen rehashed through the blogger sphere. Some you haven't. File through them and save the ones you like. At least that's what I do. (Yeah, I know. I've had a gun/war theme lately. I guess I'm turning into the GUN CRAZY/ WAR MONGERING AMERICAN stereotype).

First, we have Sebastian Kim

 (oh how I heart Alison Mosshart: Girl Crush!)

(Oh how I heart Jenny Lewis! Troop Beverly Hills Anyone? {Girl Crush #2!})

Then, we have Wendy Bevan
 These photos remind me of Atonement (before the war, of course).
 Next, we have Miles Aldridge. Saturated color. Suggestive material. Parody of Suburbia. Fashionable Banality. Retro Throwback.  Pissed-off or numb housewives.The distressed, scorned woman in need of a savior. But can she be saved?

Oh how I love the theme of  unhappy Stepford/ Mrs. Robinson-esque housewives.Hmm...I wonder why?

 The ones above and below are my FAVS. Beautiful color schemes.

They really are endless amounts of Miles Aldridge jewels. You should just search yourself.

Lastly, we have Bruno Dayan. Magical. Lovely. Deep Hues. Sensual.

...To be continued. With Flickr photo gems (or bullets--to harp on the war analogy!)


  1. These are gorgeous, I think the 'flapper' shoot is my favourite, it has quite a genuine period feel...

  2. i LOVE wendy bevan, but thanks for making me discover miles aldridge a bit more!

  3. How positively gorgeous! I think the first Bruno Dayan is my favorite...


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