Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paris Fashion Week(s)

  (both pictures above by The Sartorialist in Paris) 

 The blogs have ablaze with footage and comments from all the Fashion weeks across the globe.
(picture from Face Hunter in Paris during Fashion Week)

First, though, let's talk about Vivienne Westwood. If you don't know her from her designs, you probably recognize the name from Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl":

Think what that money could bring
I'd buy everything
Clean out Vivienne Westwood
In my Galliano gown 
Or maybe if you are a loyal reader of my blog (a girl can dream, can't she?), you remember this picture above from A Spot of Tea @ Printemps with Vivienne W. shoes. Ali and I went goo-goo-Lady-Gaga over these.

However, I primarily want to higlight VW's 2010 collection because of the pic below from Jak and Jil
 This was a model in her runway collection! How can makeup be so beautiful-ugly-freaky-sexy-mesmerizing at the same time? Well, this collection accomplished it!                            
The review of the show on said, 

"As the models walked past in their disheveled finery—wraps that could have been made from blankets found in an old country pile; seemingly sloppy but in fact artfully constructed sweaters and dresses slipping off the shoulder just so; smeared red lipstick with heavy black eye shadow—it felt like one had stumbled upon a massive rave in an aristocratic country house, just when the acid was hitting." HAHAHA

Her show obviously had a little influence from two movies. One being:
and the second being:

In addition to the fabulous white furry lady photo at the top, I saw another picture on Face Hunter during fashion week.
Okay, that's the hairstyle that I rock almost every night before I go to bed.  How come, with hair on top of the head, she is greeted with accolades, while I just receive laughs?  Maybe it's the frizz. Either way, I enjoy the sound of laughter. Even if it's at the expense of my hair.
And another travesty- FUR! Apparently, you can wear fur here in France without worrying about people throwing paint on your jacket. So, those beautiful, mink coats of my great-grandmothers could've been taken out of hiding and brought with me to Europe. Maybe next year!

(photo from Clothes Horse)
And last but not least from a lovely blog, Garance Doré, we have two videos from fashion week (albeit not in Paris). But here's to Garance for making me fall in love with two songs. First we have "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse. Below that we have "Bubbles" by Ellen Allien. YOU MUST WATCH BOTH FOR THE MUSIC (OH SO DELICIOUS) and enjoy some fashion models and runway shows while your at it!!!

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