Thursday, May 27, 2010

America according to Alison Mosshart

After coming home from France for 7 months, I quickly made my way to the pile of magazines I received in the mail while absent. There were a few NYLONs, including "The America Issue." Perfect after being out of the country for 7 months, right? By the way, I think I have officially outgrown NYLON. It's all, "We are sooo Indie. Have we told you how Indie we are? Oh, I have? Well, let me mention it another 8 times in this issue anyway."
Nevertheless, they had random anecdotes from celebrities and their take on America, and the biggest one was by Alison Mosshart. 

If I have any loyal readers at all, they would know by now that I love Alison Mosshart [the lead singer of The Kills and part of The Dead Weather[ ever since I saw her mystical performance in Nashville 2 summers ago. I have both a girl crush and style crush on her. So, I was very interested to read what she had to say about America, knowing that she has been living in London for quite some time. Interesting it was. Too interesting. Terrifying. HAUNTING. Injustice. Read it for's well written.


  1. I adore Nylon, but I agree with you. They could definitely be way more versatile with their material! But I love the article you posted, it's fantastic. xx

  2. nylon isn't think enough for me either, too glossy

  3. I kind of starting getting over Nylon a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it was when Be Your Own Pet was on the cover.

  4. Great blog, will definitely continue to follow in the future!


  5. I unsubscribed from Nylon months ago. it's just as not cutting edge as it used to be. totally fake indie. But THAT is quite a story from miss Mosshart. I mean...Wow.

    PS: it's a pity that we don't live closer by, we seem to have similar taste in music and I'm always looking for a solid concert-going-pal! Alison is incredible live. Isn't she!


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