Saturday, May 8, 2010

T. Alena Brett:Treasure found in London

Okay! The last post on my London trip, I swear! I have to post about this little shop though, T. Alena Brett (24 Cecil Court, Charing Cross). This family-owned shop specializes in antiquated prints from London and antique books for very affordable prices. Anna and I spent at least an hour in there. There's no way you can go away empty handed. If nothing else, go and meet the quirky store owner and hear her tell stories of the shop, her family and loyal customers. She's neurotic about the state of the shop and will give you instructions in flipping through the prints. But if you stay long enough, you will see she's a gem and will give you suggestions on what to see and do in London.

Picture to the left by Ellaapgale's Flickr.

Here are the prints I bought:
1) 1921, Mr. Bonar Law, one of Mr Lloyd George's right hand man in the Coalition Government. This Man of Style stole my eye; he fascinated me. For you street fashion blog fanatics (like me), it reminded me of The Sartorialist's vintage fashion photo contest.
 Here was my favorite vintage photo from The Sartorialist.It is of Papa Joe.
2) The next print I bought appealed to my "International Affairs degree" self. It was from The Illustrated London News on August 20, 1910. It read, "A New Style for The King? 'George V., Emperor of the British'?"
3) The Last one that I bought appealed to my love of Paris. It was Parisian Bowling from August 11, 1855!
Here we are with the store owner! She was fabulous.
Definitely go if you visit London!


  1. I enjoyed those vintage photos! how fun!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos and prints! I would love to go to London (or anywhere really) and you're pretty lucky to have gone, the only places I've ever been to are: the US and the Philippines (where I was born).

    I'm learning Japanese and would like to stay there for a few months to improve. But I would love to go to France! The food, the fashion, the history, its truly a beautiful place!

    Again thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my blog too! :)

  3. I'll have to pop in there next time I'm nearby - thanks for the tip off!

  4. Your blog is so gorgeous!! I'm very jealous, I love London, but I'm not going to be able to go back for years and years :(

    Gorgeous prints!

  5. love the first pic...i think the contest by scott was a brilliant idea!!!

    follow if u like what u see?



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