Friday, May 28, 2010

Brandon Harman's America

(photo of Brandon Harman by Backyard Bill)

I found out about Brandon Harman through the site Backyard Bill, a site that photographs "stylish folks in their own clothes." The website is like streetstyle photography like Jak & Jil mixed with The Selby where people are photographed in their own place. So, naturally, I love Backyard Bill's site. Anyway, Backyard Bill featured Brandon Harman and I saw a link to his photography blog. His photos exhibit the quirkiness and eccentricity of the USA which makes me love this country. Brandon was raised in Northern California on an almond farm and a cattle ranch and he now lives in NYC. He seems to just photograph his friends and his own adventuresome voyages across the country...perfect for Passport Smiles! 

His photos exhibit an element of darkness and mysticism that exists in the subculture/ counterculture of the USA. When I look at the women in his photographs, I am reminded of Bob Dylan's song "Sara" [which is about his ex-wife but I pretend is written about name's Sarah, you see] with lyrics like "Scorpio Sphinx in a Calico Dress" or "Glamourous Nymph with an arrow and bow." When I see the photos of his trips out West, I feel it's necessary pretend that they are soundtracked to The Flying Burrito Bros performing in their Nudie Suits [left] and   But enough of my yakin'. Let's get down to business and show the photos...
Check out more for yourself on his Tumblr.


  1. I freeking love you and your blog

  2. Love your writing love backyard bill and love these images too absolutely awesome- i have the hair shots saved already! heaven. Thanks so much for calling by lovely. chat soon.xx

    fashion clocked blog
    would be cool for you to drop by.

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