Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guardians of Russian Art Museums by Andy Freeberg

Russia. The people that I know who have gone to Russia only end up leaving more bewildered and more fascinated by the country than they were before. This collection of photos entitled "Guardians of Russian Art Museums" done by Andy Freeberg only seems to confirm that Russia is a place that an outsider's mind can never understand. These photos are so charming and priceless. Thanks Andy Freeberg.
Kugach’s Before the Dance, State Tretyakov Gallery
Matisse Still Life, Hermitage Museum
Statues of Antonius Pius, Youth and Caryatid, Hermitage Museum

Konchalovsky’s Family Portrait, State Tretyakov Gallery

Going's Unadilla Diner, Russian State Museum
Altman’s Portrait of I.P. Degas, State Tretyakov Gallery
Repin’s Portrait of Baroness von Hildenbandt, State Tretyakov Gallery
Gerasimov’s Stalin and Voroshilov at the Kremlin, State Tretyakov Gallery

Malevich’s Self Portrait, Russian State Museum


  1. The pictures are so charming!

  2. This post made my day! I love all the people assigned to sit in those chairs, they're often worth watching or looking at more than the art itself!

    Russia = mysterious. Great post!

  3. These ladies all remind me of Whistler's Mother!


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