Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kris Atomic

 From Kris Atomic, one of my favorite blogs, comes some badass fashion illustrations. Both Kristina and I are among the masses who have been cast under Miu Miu's spells since the last collection (above). Instead of merely drooling over it like me, Kris decides to put her style envy into something productive and beautiful. 
 Also like the rest of us, one Miu Miu model's face caught her eye: 
Other cool illustrations by her include Prada inspired:

Also she did a look book illustration for Lamija Suljevic:
For more, check out her website!

Maybe I should follow suit, take all my pent-up fashion envy, and channel it into something beautiful. Hmmm...add that to my To Do List (ya know, that list, sitting under a pile of dust...somewhere, but I can't remember where).


  1. loving this! really fun
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing, i'll be watching your posts


  2. love the cartoon accompaniments, i think i proper them to the real thing

  3. I approve of anything covered in kitties.


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