Thursday, May 6, 2010

London, Take Two

So, I arrived home safely back in Nashville, TN. As you saw in my last post, I was worried about reverse-culture shock and the such. However, much to my surprise, I am loving being back home. I kinda forgot how amazing the USA is, or, more specifically, how amazing Nashville is. Being abroad has really brought to light what a special city it is. Tragically, as many of you have heard on the news, Nashville was flooded a few days ago. My neighbors are now without homes, and Obama has declared it a national disaster. However (urg?! how do I transition from national disaster to shallow post about fashion?!?!?), on a lighter note, I am jumping back a few weeks to follow up about another amazing city, London.
I admitted to the blogosphere that London is my fashion-city-soulmate. I will continue sharing with you a few of my favorite places that I found while promenading the streets of the capital city. So picking up where I left off at number 6, here we go.

6) This Shop Rocks, 131 Brick Lane E1 6SE:
 Here is a vintage store among the many vintage shops on Brick Lane (some of which I mentioned in my other post). Yet, this one stood out; perhaps it was more organized, more accessible.Sometimes I get way too overwhelmed among all the clutter in vintage shops. So I appreciate it when it is nicely organized.Plus, with a name like "This Shop Rocks," this store better walk the walk. I happened to find an adorable apron, which I will probably show a picture of later.
7) Vintage Heaven, 82 Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green, E2 7QB: an adorable charity shop and cafe.
8) The Old Blue's Last, 38 Great Eastern St, EC2A 3ES.
In fact, this is a live music venue and bar, yet every other Sunday from 12-6pm, it's a flea market! It's a great atmosphere with quirky people selling their quirky stuff. Plus, I had the most delicious hand-made, brown sugar cupcake. Grab a beer, walk around, shoot the breeze (chitchat), have fun and find some goodies.
9) The Appletree Boutique, 127 Portobello, Notting Hill, W11 2DY:
There are actually 3 locations of The Appletree Boutique, two of which are on Portobello Road. Great finds and even better prices. Cute and trendy. Go!

10) Cath Kidston, 8 Clarendon Cross, Notting Hill, W11
You can find Cath Kidston all over London and the UK, but when I walked into the shop in Notting Hill, it was the first time I had ever heard of the brand. My inner little girl who will forever love the days of Playmobile and American Girl Dolls fell bum over noggin for the cute, florally patterns. 

And while you are on Portabello Road in Notting Hill, why don't you stop by The Castle. I had my first fish and chips there and it didn't dissapoint, to say the least! They had great in-house cider, an amazing playlist (which I asked for, and the bartender wrote down the entire list), and a great staff. Anna is allergic to gluten and the cook came out to talk to her and specifically formulate a meal not on the menu that she could eat.
 AHHHH. 'Twas such a good, relaxing time at The Castle after a vigorous day of window shopping.


  1. You have such an awesome style,
    and i just love your blog.
    Totally rad, girl!
    Panda x

  2. This looks amazing! That Vintage Heaven place really does look like heaven. Wow. I hope I get to see you sometime while you're in Nashville!

  3. mann looks amazing. I love the little boutiques in portobello, I normally tend to stick around the west end, but it seems there are plenty of cute places in the east end I should check out. And yeah, cath kidson is adorable, but over here it's not really an individual thing anymore - every girl has a cath kidson tote bag or notebook or SOMETHING, it looks almost uniform. Still, the prints are sweet xxx

  4. i'm sorry that your welcome back home is the flood. i hope you and your loved ones are safe.

    Love your list and those photos of beautiful shops are such a tease! This is very much like how Bourdain's show affected me, i just wanna pack my bag and jet off to London now :). Oh, and you really should come and visit Indonesia, it is beautiful. I haven't been back for 4 years and I heard there are many "newly re-discovered" vacation spots. When I finally go home, I'm pretty sure I will be like a tourist myself... at least for the first couple of months :).

  5. Welcome home! We definitely should try to plan a coffee date. I may be taking off to IL (again) for a few weeks while some things are being taken care of around my house due to flood damage. My departure date is yet to be determined, though.


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