Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Found Favorites

So, I am sharing with you readers some found favorites on the internet recently. First things found were these gifs of M.I.A. via the blog Spit Shine via MIA's Twitter pics.

Second things found were from my favorite Street Photography website Jak & Jil. "Jak' has a running "favorite things" post, where random people of fashion are photographed with their favorite things in life. Yesterday,  Stevie Dance (the fashion director of RUSSH magazine) was the star of this post. Immediately, these photos ended up becoming some of my "favorite things" that I have found on the internet recently. 

 As a result of these pictures, I wanted to know more about Stevie Dance and her magazine Russh. Browsing her website, I found these photos below that I fell in love with a few months ago when they were posted on yet another blog I follow, Rackk and Ruin. These were published in Russh #34. So these are now added to this roster of favorite pics found (or re-discovered) recently.
Then last but not least, a few days ago, other favorites were found on the photographer Saga's website when she posted the lookbook she shot for KronbyKronKron shoes.
So, those are some of my recently found favorites on the Internet. Ah, the internet! How you feed my fashion addiction, one photo at a time.


  1. love it!

    im following you, you2?

  2. omg those satin strappy shoes are amazing I want them!!!

    ~and I'm not teaching English, I'm a nanny, in Lille. I'm here till the end of September.

  3. I love that last set especially. I hadn't seen it all together in one place yet!

  4. I get so lustful when I see Kron by KronKron photos! I love the new ones!

  5. ahhh these are such amazing pictures

  6. I think I need those leather shorts.

  7. ps: You are tagged on my blog today darling!


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