Friday, May 7, 2010

Oxford and the rest of London

So, on my last day in England, Anna and I decided to go to Oxford to get a different vibe outside of London.
The whole 2 and a half week trip, Anna and I had been joking about when my "panda" would come out of hiding. You see, I've been nicknamed "Panda bear" due to my fair complexion and my extremely relaxed behavior, because Pandas only muster up enough energy to eat bamboo all day in between their naps. And that's pretty much all they do. I am kinda the same way. So, panda became a part of our jargon as in, "Sarah, are you needing to panda out right now?" "Sarah, are you about to go all panda-y?" "Is pandy coming out to play?" Well, Panda was dormant until this last day going to Oxford, and my Panda came out of hiding, full blast. So, I needed a relaxing afternoon walking around the beautiful city of Oxford.
There were many of these bikes around town to introduce you to a restaurant or store.
Panda needed to eat ASAP. So we went to this great restaurant and pub, The Turf Tavern. You had to go down this little alley to find it.
Another thing my panda-self mustered up enough energy to do: Shopping. We stumbled upon Aspire Style. Have you ever found the most perfect dress except for one tiny detail!?!?!? That is what happened to me, (hence the face). I had to take a picture of it through which I could vicariously live. Also for remembrance!

Then, Panda had to get her sweet fix after her disappointing shopping experience. Here is Mr Simms Old fashioned sweet shop. I got the most delicious Lolly Pop. My sweet tooth was satisfied, most likely to the point of cavities.
So, that was our day in Oxford. Here are some other random photos from my trip in London:
1) Bubble Tea...YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! The first I had since I had left the USA.
2) The best chocolate milk on the planet:
3) Some of the best cheese on the planet: Wensleydale with Cranberries 
4) Hyde Park...or was it another one? What ever it was, it was beautiful at Sunset.
5) Clipper Ride  
6) Notting Hill:7) The most adorable uniforms I have seen from Fox Primary School:
8) Columbia Road Sunday Market
9) Brick Lane
So that's it! My last post on England...phew! Next up, my last week in France.


  1. This made me so ridiculously happy xD it's so surreal and nice to have someone posting on how gorgeous your home is :D

    the turf tavern's cute, although so difficult to find, I remember being led up there during fresher's and not having a frickin' clue how I got there. Aspire is also an amazing shop - so cute, and I love all the little accessories. I was in the vaults and gardens café jus y'day, queueing for tickets for an oxford May Ball - am so excited for tonight :D so glad you enjoyed england :) xxxxxx

  2. As a foodie, I adore this post! European food is amazingly good. I love these photos! xx


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