Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspiration Nation: Kate Lanphear and Taylor Tomasi

I discovered Kate Lanphear through the streetstyle blog Jak & Jil, and Taylor Tomasi through the blog Rackk and Ruin. I became amorously in awe of their unique and daring (therefore refreshing) style. As I flipped through the pictures, I couldn't help but draw parallels between these two women.  

First of all,  they are  both style editors of two American fashion magazines that I don't really read: Elle (Kate) and Marie Claire (Taylor). 

 Second of all, the hair, oh the hair! Kate with her "Gwyneth Paltrow-dating-Brad Pitt-while-having-matching-hair-era." Except, let's face it, her hair resembles Brad Pitt's more than it does Gwyneth's in this epoch. Add the platinum blond and a little more edge, and she looks quite badass.

[Kate Lanphear]
Then we have Taylor with her vibrant, red hair that looks so good it makes me consider dying my hair red.
 [Taylor Tomasi Hill]

Third of all, they have a strong flair of feminine-punk in their style, and they both incorporate a lot of black into their get-ups.
Fourth of all, Kate and Taylor are fans of showy, gaudy and highly accessorized wrists.

I must point out that I believe Kate is a fan (as am I) of Eddie Borgo, the jewelry designer that I have already mentioned in one of my blog posts. I believe she is wearing this bracelet from his collection:

And, although it's difficult to ascertain in this photo above, I believe she is wearing another piece from his Fall 2009 collection:

Fifth of all, they wear fabulously ridiculous shoes that I love, but could never walk in.
Sixth of all, they have an envious collection of jackets/coats and purses and SUNGLASSES.
Last of all, they both inspire me to proudly accept and flaunt my schizophrenic fashion style, especially Taylor. She combines femininity and punk, but she also separates them, wearing feminine one day and punk the next without blinking an eye. She described herself as a "kind of a clothing chameleon. My style is something that's always evolving." I feel the same way. I am schizophrenic with my style and don't want to be stuck in one category.  Plus, I've really tamed down my style in the past few years. Both are making me want to go CRAZY again. So much so, that I will look back at pictures of myself in 10 years and cringe. So there!
C'est tout!


  1. I love over the knee boots! And I love that in French they are Cuissardes!

  2. I adore Kate Lanphear and that Eddie Borgo bracelet.

  3. I just found your blog, it's lovely!
    I love all of those bracelets, and the outfits :)

    Miss Violet Bell.x

  4. As someone who is more often clad in black than not, I approve!

  5. I've been a Kate fan for years now but I'm fairly new to taylor - though I do love the red hair!


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