Monday, May 24, 2010

Red Lip Magic

So, I haven't posted much recently, because I am working at restaurant now that I am back in the USA. In France, I was only contractually allowed to work 12 hours. Yeah, TWELVE hours=endless blogging time. I have officially worked more in the past week and a half at the restaurant then I did the ENTIRE month in France. Therefore, NO blogging time and NO inspiration. I dream about black bean salads and my nightmares are of messing up orders. Yet, waitressing has proved one of my theories to be correct: the magical powers of red lipstick.
 Growing up, red lipstick was only allowed for theater performance and ridiculous Halloween get-ups. Yet, the recent fad of red lips inspired me to buy a lovely color from MAC last August, and I began sportin' the red lipstick. Slowly, I noticed things happening. Free Eiffel Tower key chains in Paris. Heads turning as I walked down the street. I pulled a "Liz Lemon" from 30 Rock, thinking, "Do I have food on my face or lettuce in my hair?" Well, friends (of the blogging category), I now believe it was the magic of red lips. I have been wearing red lipstick as I wait tables and the proof is in the Calypso-cuban-black-bean  pudding. The tips have increased.
 As one of my favorite French bloggers Garance Doré said,  
"Red lipstick equals a thousand cocktail dresses."
(Photos of Keri Russell {when she was promoting Waitress} by Ellen von Werth for Interview Magazine.)
Yeah, so what? I may have grandma-esque lipstick stains on my straws and have lipstick on my teeth like Ms. Geist from Clueless every now and again, but, hey;  

SEE for yourself.
Wanna know a great song about Red Lips? "Your Lips Are Red" by St. Vincent. I like the version on the album A LOT better, but here's a video anyway:
Other than that, here are a few fun things that happened this week:

1) I was in a boutique, in my own world, and someone said to me, "Oh, I like your dress. It's sooo pretty." As I was turned and said thank you, I then realized it was Kelly Clarkson! The French have a saying, "Jamais deux sans trois (everything comes in threes)." The French are right, because I waited on 2 other celebrities this week.

2) I karaoked to Salt 'N Pepa's "Shoop." Yep, I did, and that song stands to be one of the best rap songs of ALL TIME.

3) The Season Finale of 30 Rock. Tina Fey is my hero. You must watch it if you haven't already.  Two words: Matt Damon.


  1. ohh st. vincent, liking them/her alot, will listen to more on spotify now

  2. firstly, I say YES! to red lips.

    second, why did I not know this st. Vincent song!

    third, I loved and forgot all about this Keri Russel shoot!

  3. Are you working at Calypso? I eat there way too much.

  4. magical things do indeed happen when you wear red lipstick

  5. i have a red lipstick but have been too self conscious to wear it.. but i think i'll give it a try now. Btw, lovely anecdotes.. was it fun to wait on celebrities or quite the opposite? Oh, and i too love the 30 Rock season finale, can't wait for the next season :).

  6. Great Pics =)

    I love them!


    Balkan Couture


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